Philosophical, Mythical & Cultural Special Pieces

These are pieces that have thought behind them. Whether too much or too little depends on the individual item.

Sometimes I argue that I am not an artist. I just like to make things. It all comes down to the argument between what is big A "Art" and what is small A, or craft. By denying the big A, I don't have to justify anything. I can do what I want and that's that. But occasionally I loose the argument. Mostly when thought or meaning creep into the things I make.

Basically, for me at least, the greater part of the big A vs. small A argument boils down to whether or not what you make expresses or communicates something you need or want to say. Ideas, experience, social commentary, symbolism; when the work is more than just an object, or something pretty, it comes here.

Many pieces will come from my long love of folklore, folk custom and mythologies. Throughout history, we've used mythology to try to explain the world, so any symbols from it are rich in meaning. Folk customs also provide many objects rich with meaning, though some of them may seem a little odd. (A chicken foot? Um, no thanks. Really).

I will say at the outset that not all the thought behind these pieces is deep. Sarcasm, humor and downright perversity need to be expressed as well as more lofty sentiments and symbolic ideas.

Lucky Lemur!

World of Luck Bracelet

I have always been fascinated by good luck symbols. There are so many of them. In fact, I don't know of any place that doesn't have a luck talisman or protective amulet of some kind. When I was a child in Detroit, my father took me to Greek Town and in one of the shops he got me a little necklace with an aqua blue fish that had a white and yellow eye. It was attached to a long round leather cord. I loved this little fish, the color was so wonderful, and I was told by the shop keeper that it was an Evil Eye, that was to be worn for protection from evil. That made it even more valuable to me. Who doesn't need protection from evil?

Up till then I'd only known about rabbits feet and lucky clovers and a lucky penny. The fact that the Greeks had their own symbols for luck and protection sparked a life long interest in such things. This bracelet is a culmination of this interest, though it may change as I become aware of more.

The piece is assembled by me from charms sourced from around the world. Depending on availability of components, I sometimes have in stock for sale. Check my Etsy Shop (SingingLemur) or Contact me if you are interested.


A combination of a silver casting (done by me, from a wax original that I carved) with the a rotor from the capstan of a Videocasette Recorder.

This is a one-off piece which is not for sale.

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