Special Castings

Sometimes my metal casting projects are particularly meaningful in a personal way.

Shop Beast

Actually producing one's first metal castings is a milestone for a jeweler, and deserves some commemoration. Even if the pieces themselves are relatively simple, the process of putting everything together to do it is not.

The first metal casting of Singing Lemur Jewelry was a small "beastie" or "critter" in sterling silver. He is not a cat, nor a bear, but then again he's not entirely not a cat or a bear. He is himself. We think that he'll become a sort of a shop mascot or perhaps a genius loci (spirit of the place). He has a name; he just isn't telling us what it is yet.

At the left, here he in two preliminary forms: as a wax carving (sitting on a US dime) and freshly broken out of the casting investment (the "stand" that he is sitting on is actually the sprue through which the silver was poured and the "button" of silver remaining outside of the mold), and polished a bit.

The Rose Ring

This is a simple design indeed: a wedding ring in 14k rose gold. It is, however, in a size not generally available in this alloy, and it was made fairly quickly for a friend (named Rosie) with a rapidly approaching wedding.

It was cast minutes after the Shop Beast. Both of them were lost-wax investment castings using a vacuum casting process.

It is shown above in near-final polished form, and to the left in its initial state fresh from the mold.

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