Individual Beads

When I say "I make beads," I do not mean that I buy beads and string them. I make them myself from raw materials, melting the glass at the torch. This is extremely satisfying, and the results are often beautiful.

I make beads in a number of designs. Some are traditional, such as the ancient Chinese "Warring States" style. Some are whimsical, such as my mushroom and fish beads. Others are of my own design. Often I will name them.

(The bead shown to the right here is in the "Jitterbug Raku" style.)

The "William Morris" bead design (shown as a finished piece as the first item in the image gallery below) is my own invention, in honor of the father of the Arts & Crafts movement.

All of my flameworked beads are all annealed for stability.

I generally incorporate the individual bead styles shown here into finished bead jewelry pieces which are available for sale in my Etsy shop and sometimes at the shows that I do.

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