Casting Projects

These are one-off or sold-out projects which are not presently for sale.


Batz Necklace

Lost wax castings from a mold made from toy bats.


Silver Broccoli


Dr. Who [5th] wore a celery stalk in his lapel.
My husband likes broccoli, which is not entirely unlike celery.
My husband received his first doctorate, before his Ph.D., from The Doctor [3rd]
(Yes, really he did.)
Therefore I should cast a silver broccoli lapel pin for him.

Perfectly logical.



Lost wax castings from a mold made from a toy slug. You'd never think that there would be toy slugs. The official mascot of my husband's undergraduate university (Univ. of Calif. at Santa Cruz) is the banana slug.

The one on the left is silver and the other is brass. I've also cast them in silicon bronze, which works very well.


Vögelein Key

This is a key designed by my friend, the talented artist Jane Irwin In her graphic novel Vögelein, the clockwork faerie of the title needs to be wound regularly with a special key. This is that key. It is a nontrivial carving and casting project, and Jane tells me that several jewelers tried and abandoned it before I came along.

Vögelein was listed in Booklist's "Top Ten Graphic Novels for Youth" in 2003. Presently (2013), Jane is in the final stages of completing another graphic novel, Clockwork Game, about the 18th century chess-playing automaton by Wolfgang von Kempelen which has become known as "The Turk."



I consider this one of my mythological and cultural special pieces, but it does also involve silver casting from an original wax model that I carved.

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