About the Singing Lemur

I'm Rollande Krandall, and my business is Singing Lemur® Jewelry.

Once I was a professional folk musician (soprano, mandolin, ocarina) specializing in the traditional ballads of the British Isles. I also have a degree in classical music composition.

Now I'm a jeweler, specializing in costume jewelry (steampunk, anime, goth), flameworked glass beadmaking, and metal casting.

"Rollande" is pronounced roll-AHND. The 'e' is silent. But if you ask at a show for "the Lemur Lady," you'll find me.


My Steampunk Jewelry

We were living the Steampunk life before anyone had ever heard of steampunk.

Steampunk isn't about digging up the past; it's about living the Victorian-aesthetic old-high-tech life now. I make Steampunk jewelry that you might have purchased brand new in a shop in some alternative 1885.

Singing Lemur steampunk is shiny new steampunk, because it is new - I make it.


My Beads

I came to glass beadmaking in 2003, near the end of my career as a musician. Unlike music, which is ephemeral and which vanishes in time, glass is both tangible and durable. You can touch it (after it's cooled!) and it can survive for thousands of years.

I work in "soft" (not borosilicate) glass at an oxy-propane torch in the Cornish-stonework lower floor of the cottage on our farm in rural Wisconsin.


My Philosophical, Mythological & Cultural Pieces

I've always been a student of folklore and mythology. While most of my work at present is directed toward making affordable steampunk costume jewelry (which is the best way to make the most people happy), I try on occasion to create pieces which are in some way more thoughtful. These thoughts aren't always "deep" - sometimes they're playful, sarcastic, or just fun. In some way, though, each of these pieces has a meaning other than what you see.


A Cottage Industry

Singing Lemur Jewelry is a cottage industry, and I've got the cottage to prove it. This is where I make my beads - in the 19th century cottage on our farm in Wisconsin. The area around Mineral Point was a mining center then, and that brought Cornish miners skilled in hard rock mining. The beautiful stonework of the ground floor of our cottage is a tribute to their skill.

Other aspects of my jewelry making occur elsewhere in our fully integrated industrial home.

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