About My Steampunk, Anime, and Goth Jewelry

I started as a jeweler doing glass bead flameworking and metal casting, and I am still working in these areas. More recently, however, much of my work has been directed toward making "costume" jewelry based around assembled components (with sometimes significant additional hand-work!) These pieces fit well with the steampunk way of life (which is our own), and also at times appeal to the goth and anime cultures.

"Steampunk" is a contemporary cultural movement dedicated to fusing a 19th-century design aesthetic with a high-tech engineering counterculture. Imagine what the world might be like today if Charles Babbage really had built a working computer in the 1820s.

Steampunk has roots in speculative fiction, and draws together a diverse group of people from maker, goth, historical re-enactor, fashion, music, and other communities. It can be anything from gaslight romance to gritty punk. It can never be defined precisely, because we're making it up as we go along.

Like so many, we have discovered that this apparently new category, "steampunk," just gives a name to the kind of life we've been trying to live all along.

We are not goths. Yet we are outsiders, even in this culture which was supposed to be our own, and therefore have a great sympathy for the goth perspective. There is also a significant crossover between goth and steampunk. Some of my pieces will appeal to goths, some will not.

Anime, of course, is Japanese animated film and its derivatives. My work is not specifically "anime" (nor could it be, as most anime is created around licensed properties). Nonetheless, many of my pieces fit the anime aesthetic well.


(Shown at right: my "New England Graveyard" earrings. This is an original concept, design and name of mine.)

Types of Jewelry Available:

Ascot Pins

For use with the Ascot Tie. Also useful as stick-pins.


Broaches & Pins

Cufflinks & Shirt Studs



Steampunk lockets in various styles and settings. Yes, they do open.


Tie Tacks

Steampunk and Dieselpunk neckwear accessories.

Watch Chains & Fobs

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